Our Story

French Broad Musky Co. was originally created for anglers that love to catch predator freshwater species. Founded in 2017, our clients have shown us the true sport and passion for hunting muskies with 10wt. fly rods to heavy action swimbait rods. As a trusted guide service in Western North Carolina, we have put our best guides forward to take the torch and light the path for anglers of all skill levels to catch a trophy fish.

The Founding

To exceed our client’s expectations our group of guides have created a variety of fishing trips, years in advanced, before opening our doors for taking guided fishing trips. All of our guided trips are based around Asheville and Western North Carolina to increase the chance of catching trophy musky and smallmouth locally. With every trip being designed around the seasons, catching a trophy musky can happen virtually year round.


FBM is a very eco-friendly company. We are conscientious about our river systems, because musky and smallmouth bass must have clean water to thrive. Our staff is dedicated to cleaning waterways multiple times in any given year. During these trash pickups we invite all who want to volunteer.